We provide hardware, and software solutions.


HighTech Electrical Solutions has over 30 years experience as an original equipment manufacturer and designer, build, installs, and repairs with solutions based engineering and Skill.

Onsite appointments can help so much to truly repair computers, and keep your data secure and safe. Remote IT is great but has its place. When is the last time your IT guy looked under the hood of your computer to prevent issues from happening before they do instead of after disaster strikes. Call us for rapid service. Does the idea of crawling around under your desk and disconnecting a computer and dragging it down to a repair shop give you shivers? We come onsite and do the work for you. Consultations to give you peace of mind.

Onsite Repair Services

Onsite computer repairs, IT consultations and management plans, website design, windows repairs, backup systems, networking, security, CCTV, accounting software, anti virus help. Remote assistance available, as well as onsite rapid response promise. If you need help now then call us. We can come when you need us to.

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Appliance Repair

We specialize in repairing all brands of Appliances. Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Ovens, Dishwashers, Heat pumps, Solar systems, Website design, data backups design, Industrial automation computers, architect cad power stations, graphic design horse power, gamer speedster, office work horse. Contact us to design your IT solutions and manage your IT like a boss!

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Electrical Service Technician

Yes some things can be done remote, and we provide remote services. However, some things need a hands on approach, and often an onsite visit uncovers trouble before it happens. Proactive, onsite hardware inspections can extend the life of by years. When is the last time your IT guy called to come onsite for an inspection and took the cover off your PC to look under the hood? Call us, we answer our phones, and have rapid response times on our onsite service calls.
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New Computer Builds

Time is money, speed is time, a computer designed for you gives you both. Bulk buying random sale price machines may seem like the answer. But can be costly in the long run, and provide new computers no better than the old ones. Your accountant needs one thing, and your designer needs another, and they are not interchangeable. We build speed for your application, custom suited, and not over priced

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Our services list

  • Onsite service
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Software repairs
  • Hardware repairs
  • Website design
  • Merchant websites design
  • Data backups
  • Network security
  • Staff computer complaints
  • Printers and repairs
  • IT budget management
  • Service level agreements
  • Machine upgrades
  • New computers
  • Cloud services
  • Remote access
  • Anti virus
  • Data security
  • Computer repairs
  • Remote IT support
  • Domain Services

Time is money, computers are supposed to speed up your work not slow it down. We dont expect you to buy a new computer every 3 years like some of the big companies. Instead we build fast machines that can be upgraded for many years to keep them fast and running at their best to keep up with productive staff. Saving you money for years on your IT rotation costs. We provide you independence, enjoyment, and speed. We dont lock ourselves into control of your website, instead we make sure you have ownership and access to change something if you wish. Our job is to make the machines, and websites do what you need and do it well and do it for years the way you need.

Patrick Green, Hightech Computer Solutions

Onsite service and equipment

HighTech provides onsite repair services, new PC’s, and custom made system solutions to solve all your IT problems.


Including graphic design, accounting, legal, POS, retail, back office, front office, security systems, and budget workstations to high end Horse power users.


Custom built industry systems, machine automation, high end security including cameras, and door locks and monitoring. Data backup, redundant systems


Including gaming, home office, graphic design, school, home automation, and security cameras. Professional services for your home computer.


Windows and software repairs, cloud services, server configurations, website repairs. Rapid service Call us for help.
Hardware upgrades and preventive maintenance. Printer repairs, networking issues repaired, all onsite requirements. Rapid call out.
Parts, monitors, printers, accessories and bits. Only quality parts from strong manufacturers used and supported
Business solutions POS, accounting, admin, backups, security, websites, merchant websites. Book you consultation now for peace of mind on your IT projects